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Did someone say Memory Hog?

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Did someone say Memory Hog?

Just another picture of Fusion, doing nothing.
Except gobbling up a lot of memory.

When are you going to fix this joke of a program, Autodesk?
@jorge_garcia2  Can you ask someone who actually know?


Screen Shot 2022-05-16 at 16.28.22.png

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in reply to: jesper8W75R

Hi @jesper8W75R ,


Is this during Fusion's startup? Or did this happen randomly while you were working?

Additionally, what is that dragon icon to the left of your tab? I've never seen any icon like that inside of Fusion 360 before?


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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This was after some work I had done with Fusion. I had left it idle and empty for a couple of hours after that, and noticed the huge memory usage.
I tried yesterday to open Fusion from fresh, it then take 1.23GB, I opened a project, memory usage went up to about 1.45GB.
I then just left it there and today it's still at the same 1.45GB.
I will try  monitor memory usage as I use it and see if there is any specific operation that makes it eat up memory.

The dragon icon is the SimLab PDF Exporter plugin.
I used that in the early days before Fusion could print PDF files.
It's still there, because I cannot find any way to remove a plugin. 
If you know, I'd be happy to know.

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in reply to: jesper8W75R

Maybe dragon hogs the memory?
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in reply to: jorge_garcia2


Here is a graph of Fusions memory use over 6 hours today.
I actually didn't start logging until after I had loaded the first project.
A newly started Fusion uses about 1300k.


You can see how it eats more and more, and never really backs down, except for some small dips.

As I only took a sample every minute, I missed the last top before I closed the projects, memory usage was then at 10.3 GB!!!
Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 23.17.35.png

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