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device, symbol, footpring, 3D disconnect

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device, symbol, footpring, 3D disconnect

another in a long list of frustrated users

since AutoDesk will eventually discontinue stand along eagle, and to facilitate electrical and mechanical working together, i have started learning F360 and using the eagle portion, instead of stand alone eagle


in eagle (at work):

i created a managed library and put in components (devices, symbols, footprints and 3Ds) for things in the current project.  using the library table of contents, i checked each device - the symbol, footprint and 3D showed up, as expected and looking correct, in the "show boxes" on the right


in F 360 (at home)

i downloaded F360 onto my home computer

i  signed in and opened the same managed library

i created a schematic with one or two of each of the components made in eagle

i created a PWB and then a 3D version - very pretty and reasonably easy

the schematic and PWB looked ok

the 3D however was not ok

3D footprint SOT95P285X113-3N (SOT23 with 3 pins) is used on 4 different devices

(an NPN transistor, a PNP transistor, and two different 3 terminal regulators)

half of the packages in the 3D were correct and the other half were just grey boxes


in addition, three ICs, (an instrumentation amp, an op amp, and a comparator) that use the same footprint and 3D (soic-8) were not ok - two have the component rotated 180 degrees from were it should be (pin 1 at pin 5 location), and the third is a grey box


two other ICs, in different packages, are ok


F360 (work)

i opened the files on my work computer that i had created at home

same issues - except here, there appears to be no library table of contents to check the annotations between device, symbol, footprint and 3D. when i went through the list of devices in the managed library, all look well - correct symbol, footprint and 3D


F360 side issue:

there are 4 tabs - schematic, PWB, 3D and a tab showing 4 drawings: schematic, PWB, 3D front and 3D back - they have the same name, but different revisions (which makes sense) but the symbols that distinguish them are odd and i would prefer it just said schematic, PWB, 3D and (??) instead

also, i would prefer they show up in the data panel as one item instead of 4


F360 second side issue

when i open library manager, my managed library show up twice: 

(correct name),    team         ,    version 8,   a chain  v19,   the managed folder,  description

(correct name),  ,    version 1,     blank          ,   the managed folder,  description

please explainer why there are two of what looks like the same library

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in reply to: wwfeldman

Hi @wwfeldman,

I hope you're doing well. There is a lot to unpack here but one thing that can sometimes happen when working in two different locations. What can happen is that the cache list in Fusion360 doesn't update to the latest version correctly.

To make sure that is not what's going on click on the question mark on the upper right and select support and troubleshooting, in that menu you'll find an option that says clear cache. That might help with the main issue. Thank you for your feedback on the side issue.

In regards to your second issue, they may have the same name but from the description I have a feeling they may not be the same library. By any chance, is it possible you made a second library by accident in on the EAGLE side?

Double check but I have a feeling that they have different URNs which would mean they are different libraries.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.

Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

Kudos are much appreciated if the information I have shared is helpful to you and/or others.

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in reply to: jorge_garcia2

what is the difference between team and


i used windows explorer to find the libraries under

C:\Users\Larry\AppData\Local\Autodesk\Autodesk Fusion 360\Electron\lbr

there are three folders:




each has one library, (name).lbr , where the name is the library name


the libraries with the same "name"

22275315 is 102 kB,  while 22274948 is 16 kB

i assume(?) that the small size is the "extra"

how do i remove it, as it resides on my PC and in the cloud?

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