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Device name filter, for multiple devices names

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Device name filter, for multiple devices names



I would like to select multiple device by entering a name list.



I would like to select C1,C11,C12,C14


In de device manager I can't searches for more than one name:



What I would like to do is :



I know that I can create a different line for each Name, but it is not useful. I would like to copy past the list of name from the BOM.


In fact the main problem is that I can't search for a specific attribute value. For each device in my design, I have an attribute for my inventory part number.  Ex: Attribute name is INV and value is R100K0603. I would like to select in my design all the part that have the attribute  INV= R100K0603. So, the idea to select multiple name like C1,C2,c12 is to find a turn around to this problem. I will make a filter in my BOM file so when I select R100K0603 it will give to me the list of device name that have this inventory number.  Then select all those components in my design. 


Thank you for any help







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Hi @alexandre.palardy 

I hope you are doing well!

For your question, you can try (Name = C*)

Please check if it works for you.



Panpan Fan


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(Name = C*) will select every C* named device. So it does not work for me.


Thank you for the response.




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Hi @alexandre.palardy,


I hope you're doing well. For your particular situation you can use C1* and then filter down further from there. You are right that being able to filter based on attribute value would be boss. I'll add report this as a feature request.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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Hi @jorge_garcia2 


Thank you for the response. Yes it will be VERY useful to filter based on attribute value. 


"I'll add report this as a feature request." this is nice. Thank you




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