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Destroyed Eagle Library in Fusion 360

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Destroyed Eagle Library in Fusion 360

well, almost...


I'm trying out Fusion Electronics and I'm reusing my managed library from Eagle. After adding some new parts in Fusion and updating the library, I couldn't add any devices anymore. When I opened the library it showed "no devices". Strangely, on the library still showed all devices (even the ones I added in Fusion). I checked the version and they matched.


It took me quite a while to fix it: Opening the latest version of the library in Eagle gave me some error messages about the library XML file. Apparently, I had named one pin in a new part "", but Fusion didn't give me any warning. I could manually fix the XML file (in Eagle's local cache) and create a new library version in Eagle.


Fortunately everything is back to normal but I'd defintely expect a warning from Fusion before (almost) destroying a library. Please fix 😉



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Actually, fixing the XML didn't just do the trick. It just allowed me to open the library in Eagle and I thought that was it.


But after uploading a new library version it still didn't work. But I could open the part in Eagle and change the pin name again (after already changing it in the XML) so Eagle acutally recognized the change. Pushing a new version again finally did it.

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