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data panel structure - moving and deleting / file structure

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data panel structure - moving and deleting / file structure

the data panel shows all of the things AUTODESK puts there and all of the things I save.


how can i move folders and files?

specifically, my managed library shows up under a folder i (apparently) created (which i called tutorial 01) with various saved things from a tutorial and i would like to move the managed library to be under "home", or maybe into a folder labeled libraries, on the possibility that i create another managed library


how do i delete things?

i right clicked on a tutorial file and chose delete, 10 minutes later, the blue swirly arc was still spinning and i hade to close Fusion.

i tried a second time, on a different file, and it was deleted

i tried a third time, on another file, this one gave the message "A version of this design has been referenced by drawings, other designs, or manufacturing-related files and cannot be deleted." so how do i delete it?

Do associated files (design, schematic, board and 3d model) have to be deleted in a specific order?


how do i know what can be deleted without losing information?

specifically, in the process of creating two 3D packages, i saved them to wherever the computer wanted to save them

the loaded into the device, and are in a design.

can i delete the files, that i saved, of the 3D packages that appear listed in the data panel (they appear at the same level as the schematic, board and 3D model)?

are they also saved with the managed library?

or if i delete them, will it damage the managed library?


ultimately, my question(s) go back to the whole file structures and data system

i understand (or at least i think i understand) the manged library concept and the "cloud" data storage

can the data panel look more like the unix/linux/microsoft tree structure? 

could the files that make up a design (schematic, board, 3d model) reside under the design (down a level), rather than at the same level as the design?

the web view doesn't help me

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i would like to add the following to my comments on the file structures:


how do I do anything if my internet is down and i can't access the design files (schematic, board, 3D) or the most up to date(?) managed library files?


how do i save a design exclusively locally and/or on my company's server and NOT on the cloud?

cloud storage is likely to become a problem for some customers

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in reply to: wwfeldman

first post august 7 2020

follow up question november - how about a complete date?

and now its January 28, 2021 and no response at all from autodesk


may as well add another question
i've started learning fusion 360 mechanical
if i use the electronics part bulder, can i get into the 3D model and edit it?

f i uild my own 3D model, hoe do i port it to electronics?

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