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Cut existing board

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Cut existing board



I would like to cut an existing, round board outline. The current outline is a circle. Now I would like to cut the board straight on one side to make a castellated hole area. 
Since this is an existing project with parts on it, it is not possible to design a board outline in Fusion itself and push it to Fusion Electronics right? I was not able to do this.


Please see my screenshot attached, where I would like to cut the board.


Thanks in advance

Best regards




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Hi @buchwaldjan105 ,


Thank you very much for asking.

Definitely you could create the outline in Fusion 360 > "Create 3D PCB" or "Derive PCB from Sketch", which will generate the outline in 3D PCB > Then link the 3D PCB to 2D PCB with your existed board file > Then the outline in 2D PCB will use the one you created in Fusion 360.


By the way:

  • If you just want to create the outline in Fusion 360 and the created 3D PCB has NO further relationship with the sketch in Fusion 360, please use "Create 3D PCB".
  • If you want to update the sketch in Fusion 360 and then update your board shape automatically later, please use "Derive PCB from Sketch".


Please check out the what's new video for June release which has this feature for reference: 

截屏2020-09-16 上午10.37.10.png

Hope it helps.




Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics
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By the way, if your 2D PCB file already linked to 3D PCB file, please Remove 3D PCB Link firstly in 2D PCB editor as I show below. 

截屏2020-09-16 上午10.46.56.png

And then you could link the new created 3D PCB with the outline you designed in Fusion 360 to your 2D PCB board file.

截屏2020-09-16 上午10.45.42.png

Please feel free to let us know if you need our further assistant.



Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics

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