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Custom Library "long" footprint pad size discrepancy

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Custom Library "long" footprint pad size discrepancy

When designing a new part in my custom Electronics Library, I specify the hole size and pad size for a "Long" (oblong) style pad in the Library Editor and all looks fine as shown in this screen shot:


New footprint in Library EditorNew footprint in Library Editor


BUT, when I insert the part into a design, the pads for the part come out bigger than they should be as shown in these screen shots of the 2D and 3D PCB designs.


AA-820PCSC-LBT Footprint in new design.jpg


AA-820PCSC-LBT Footpriint on 3D PCB.png


Is this a software glitch, or am I doing something wrong?

Please help!!!


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in reply to: fheineman

This problem was solved by Jorge Garcia's excellent article on the subject at this link:


Note that the Restring tab in the DRC settings that Jorge mentions in the article has been renamed to Annular Ring.


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