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Custom footprint not rendering correctly in 3d PCB

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Custom footprint not rendering correctly in 3d PCB

I'm noticing that one of our custom footprints is not rendering correctly, basically half the pads are missing from the 3d pcb render. 


dual footprint layout.PNGdual footprint 3d.PNG


We made the footprint this way to combat part availability, since stock was flipping between the two package variants and we didn't want to make two revs of the board. It seems that the 3d rendering is ignoring anything in the footprint on the top layer that isn't an SMD pad. The inner "pads" in our footprint are just rectangles, not actual pads, and the "wires" are just lines. Obviously the footprint renders into the layout file correctly, and it outputs to gerbers correctly, but it is not being pulled to the 3d file. 



The issue being caused is I need to detail this footprint on a drawing to explain the dual pads to a board manufacture in relation to parts sourcing. But since it doesn't render, I can't actually show it on a drawing. 

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Hi, @chris.eganY2EK3 


We do have such a function called "cut stop layer geometry", If you check this option when viewing 3d pcb with options drop-down menu, the pad shape in soldermask can be cut as actual.


The reason we don't enable this option as default is to generate actual pad shape would cost longer time than usual, we suggest to check this option and then push to 3D after adjusting of PCB is accomplished.





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I'm glad this option exists, so thank you for sharing it. However it doesn't fix the issue in the first post. If you look at the picture of the 3d PCB, that picture has the soldermask hidden. The issue is that some of the copper from the top layer is not being rendered, specifically the copper from our footprint that is not derived from an SMD pad object. Again, renders correctly in the layout and gerbers, but not the 3d pcb. 

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One more example just to show what I mean. Here's a custom footprint created for an inductor. In the footprint file in the library you can see the base SMD square pad, and then the larger polygon drawn around it to get the true pad shape. There is also a polygon on the stop layer to get the correct soldermask cutouts. 


library footprint.PNG


On the PCB layout file the custom pad renders as expected, and all gerber files do as well. Soldermask cutouts render correctly as well. 



3d PCB shows that some of the extra copper renders, but not all in this case. The stop layer does not render the extra polygon at all (this is with the advanced option turned on). 

3d with soldermask.PNG


3d PCB with the soldermask hidden to make the copper easier to see. 

3d without soldermask.PNG

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Hi @chris.eganY2EK3 


I think you are correct, the 3D PCB doesn't seem to render arbitrary pad shapes correctly. @yiqiu.han I feel like this has been reported before but are you aware of any tickets for it. Pads can be made this way and it would be really good if the 3D PCB could match the 2D PCB.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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in reply to: jorge_garcia2

Hi @chris.eganY2EK3  

I hope you are doing well!

From your description, I guess it is a known issue (Polygon shape can't show well in 3D PCB), and it has been reported to our develop team. I will keep you updated when we release the fix for this issue.



Panpan Fan

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Hi @chris.eganY2EK3 

I hope you are doing well!

Today we release Fusion 360 V2.0.1215 and now the polygon issue should work well in 3d PCB.

Please update Fusion 360 and have a try.

If you still meet any problem, please let us know, thanks!



Panpan Fan

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