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Custom electronics library not showing up among parts

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Custom electronics library not showing up among parts



I've made a custom electronics library and the lib does show up in library manager under "in use" but not in the list where I add parts to my schematic. What am I doing wrong? Or is this a bug? 


I've managed to add eagle libraries and made it possible to add to schematics so something isn't just working with my custom lib.


I've made a symbol, footprint with connected 3d model, package and also a device with connected pins to SMD pads.


I followed this tutorial:


Any ideas? 


Edit: oh, I just missed the other post about the exact same subject! How ever, I leave this post here so you guys see that we're having the same problem among different users. 

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Ok, I actually found the solution!


Under Library manager, go to "Avaliable" and press "Add from Team". Browse your online library and then its added to your "Avaliable" list. You just need to press "use" on every library you add up. 


I did this on another computer than the one I made the custom libraries on, so bare with me if it's not working for you. But please try it out and post the result here! I can at least use my custom libs now 🙂

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