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Creation of 2 devices imported from only one

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Creation of 2 devices imported from only one


I am a very new user of Fusion 360 Electronics, and even of electronics in general.
For several days I have been struggling to create a library with two devices derived from a single imported one (for example ESP-01) in my own library. I imported a device that contains a symbol and a footprint, to which I added a 3d package. So far everything works perfectly. The problem appears when I try to create a similar device, with the same footprint and symbol, but a different 3d package with the only difference that I want to attach a pin header (2x4) to it. Whatever I do, I cannot create two devices imported from one, with two different 3d packages. The two devices share the same 3d package, when I change one, the other one changes as well. I hope I explained clearly what I want.
Is there any way to achieve what I want?

Thank you!

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In the end, I understood what path I should follow. The solution implemented in the application is much better than the one I was following. The secret was "create new package variant" from the components tab.

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