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Created device does not show in library

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Created device does not show in library

Dear Forum,


ich created a TI device as a component from scratch for my Fusion 360 PCB project. I created a schematic symbol, a footprint, loaded a 3D model and last linked/connected the Pins between schematic and PCB_footprint model.

I saved the model, added a description, created a milestone for it and so on. However the model will not appear in the selected library (which is IC_interface). When I am in the library editor, I see the component and can select it. However when I switch back to the schematic editor, it is not there. I feel like I tried every button/update and so on, remotely referring to the task, but the component won't show. Am I having a blind spot, or is this a bug?


Thanks for help, it is appreciated a lot!



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@jonas.schoierer , do you mean you can see your library but can't see the components you created in that library? Please check the library version in the schematic editor and make sure it's the latest one.  

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