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Create Multilayer PCB with Custom Outline

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Create Multilayer PCB with Custom Outline

Hello All -


This is my first time posting here and I'm a casual user of Fusion 360, learning mostly via the internet and YouTube videos.  I have a custom shape PCB that was derived from a sketch (it's essentially a custom logo).  I am placing dotstar (APA102) surface mount LEDs on this board.  The LEDs have a requirement for VCC (parallel), GND (parallel), clock input/output (serial between each LED) and a control signal in/out (serial between each LED).  I would like each function to have its own layer, and as far as I can tell I've done that.  I have chosen the top layer for VCC, the bottom layer for GND and the two other layers are for those other signals.  I will route the connections between the LEDs individually using those two layers.  For the VCC and GND layers I'd like to 'pour' polygons on those layers so that all I have to do is create the appropriate vias to those layers to make the connections.  I cannot figure out how to perform the 'pour' function with my custom outline logo PCB.  I see a green outline around the logo PCB which makes me think the polygon is already there and recognized?  I've attached a screenshot of the layer stack manager.  I also tried the auto router feature which got really close, but I don't know how to finish things up after that because it only gets to like 95%.  I chose to run the auto router with all 4 layers as 'auto' as well and I expected route lines on each of the 4 layers but I didn't see that happening.  I'm assuming it will route to the other layers only as necessary when auto routing?  After all of this rambling my asks are these:


1. How do I create the ground plane and VCC plane so I can make those connections with simple short vias?

2. How can I force auto router to make use of the 4 layers I've specified to route the connections?


If auto router can't automatically route the serial connections for the clock and control signals, I can do those manually (that much I have figured out).




I was able to pour a ground plane on the top layer.  But the moment I rename it "GND" and link all of the ground points from the schematic, Fusion 360 crashes and quits.

Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 3.41.11 PM.png


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