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Create board of exact size

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Create board of exact size

I need to create a board that is 128.5mm X 30mm. When I do this the actual board dimensions turn out to be slightly larger. I believe this is due to the lines that outline the board having a width.


Do I need to take into account the width of these lines when sizing a board? I don't remember having to do this with Eagle.

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Hi @infinite.machinery 


the width of the dimension lines does not influence the final size of the PCB. When creating Gerber data for manufacturing it's always taken the coordinates of the lines. They do not depend on line width. A value for with of about 0.1 or 0.2 mm (4 - 8 mil) is usual.


Hope this helps. 

Richard Hammerl

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It is 1 mm for me. But I assume from your answer that the larger value is correct. Will this be taken into account when I create an enclosure as described in

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