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create 3D PCB (from sketch) how to set board thickness??

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create 3D PCB (from sketch) how to set board thickness??

I did sketch, now I have two options to make 3D pcb: derive PCB from sketch' or 'create 3D pcb', both in "Create"  sub-menu.

How can I change board thickness? Default is 1.50mm . Where is this hidden?

I know I can extrude the sketch, and set how high, but what are this two mentioned options for ?

2. why is default material for 3d PCB steel? How to change it ? Why I can not easy set thickness and material before "producing"?



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 @christopher2KLSVU ,  the thickness setting is in DRC


The default board material is FR4 but not steel. Steel is one of the default materials in the document because it's the default material of a Fusion design document.




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No, When you first create the sketch to try if it fits to the case model. I have solid works model saved in my team and want to check how does it fit and doing from sketch it is steel and fixed thickness.

I have no DRC yet, so how it can sets thickness and material.

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If the 3D PCB is not linked with 2D board, you are right, no option to change the thickness and the default material is steel. I will create a ticket for the team.

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