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could not find the library document for this 3D package

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could not find the library document for this 3D package

Such error message I got- currently I do not know when.


I just want to add 3D package to SL-150 1/2AA battery, from 'battery' library.

So I did: make new Electronic Library, I imported original SL-150-1/2AA/PR, I saved lib with SL150 name in my project folder, sub-folder libs.


Now I am using package generator to generate capacitor axial package to fit it to the footprints, after adjusting dimension, I added 3D package to library. But it is not visible after 3D render in 3D pcb view.


When I click open device I see, it has 3D package assigned, small icon upper right corner. When I click Packages I see in description name of assigned 3D package.


The problem is that it is not visible when I am adding SL150 Part from library manager( I take the right one, my reworked). Why is it so??


Fighting with 3D packages is very time consuming, I am not focused and work intensive on routing aspects, but I am loosing time to deal with such trivial things which should works from the beginning. If Autodesk is not able to add working 3D packages, why they have introduced it.


Please Make Keyboard shortcuts to layer switching instead and abandon 3D packages as it is to hard for your developers..





Even your crash reporting system is not working correct! Yesterday I had 2 crashes One was properly generated and sent, second one was not even proper indexed what you can see bellow:


Autodesk Fusion 360

Thank you for sending your error report CER_228404048 to Autodesk.

We will analyze your report to determine how it can help us to improve our products and your experience with them. We will use the email address you provided to notify you when a solution is available.

If you want to contact Customer Support to follow up on this issue, please provide the error report number for tracking purposes.




Error Reporting

Thank you for submitting your error report to Autodesk!

We will analyze your report to determine how it can help us to improve our products and your experience with them. If the error occurs again, please submit another report to help us better understand the error and develop a solution.

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No I have created second variant of 3D package and Voila, second variant is visible in library manager and after rendering.



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Hi @christopher2KLSVU 


Sorry to hear that you're having trouble. Much appreciate on reporting this issue and the detail information you shared with us!


I reproduced the issue you were facing that the assigned 3D package's thumbnail is invisible in the add part dialog, while I can see the 3d package for the part in the 3d PCB document.


Could you please do me a favor to confirm if the assigned 3d package is visible in the 3D PCB document? Which needs you new Electronics Design, add the part named "SL-150-1/2AA/PR" into the Schematic document, switch to PCB document,  then view the 3D PCB and check if the 3d Package can be appear properly in the 3D PCB document.


Thank you so much for your help and so sorry for any inconvenience. 


Best Regards,
Alina Peng

Alina Peng
SQA Engineer
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Thank you for interest in this case.


Today I just added to my existing board both variants of SL150. I had no time to make a new project. The one parts which has not (1st attempt)3D preview in Library Manager and the one which has(2attemp). I checked today  if 3D sub-miniature is in the Library manager preview.

After rendering new 3D pcb,Today both are visible in 3D pcb. I enclose you problematic library. It was saved to team libs, opened and exported to FLBR. I am not sure if this is the same, perhaps conversion is fixing or masking something.

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Hi @christopher2KLSVU 


Thanks very much for your feedback and the attached library file! Glad to know that the 3d packages can be shown up properly in your 3D PCB document. While I think you may still have trouble to see the 3d package's thumbnail in the add part dialog. I reported the issue to our development team. I'll keep you be posted once we have a fix for that.


Thanks again for your detail information shared in the post. It's really helpful!


Best Regards,


Alina Peng
SQA Engineer

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