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Copying existing circuitry into a derived PCB

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Copying existing circuitry into a derived PCB

Hi there,


I have been testing the new "Derive PCB from sketch" feature and it is great to see a new empty PCB be created, and receive update notifications when the original sketch is changed. It even seems to work for a sketch that is not in the XY plane, so that's awesome to see the PCB integration getting closer to usability!


I would like to start a new project with this workflow, however I need to reuse a significant amount of circuitry from a previous project and I am having difficulty in copying parts of the old board layout into my new project.


Here's the process I tried:

  1. Create a new Fusion file called "Case", design my casing, draw a sketch in the XZ plane, save the file, then choose "Derive PCB from sketch".
  2. In the newly created 3D PCB, create a new 2D PCB and a new schematic
  3. Create a new 'electronics design' project and link the 2D PCB to the schematic
  4. Open my old Eagle schematic file in Fusion as a separate document, select the circuitry I would like to re-use, and copy and paste it into my new schematic file.

Unfortunately, this process only copies the schematic information and not the board layout. When I go to my new 2D PCB file, the footprints are all in the wrong place and all of the traces are gone.

I also tried copying the circuitry from the old board layout directly to the new 2D PCB, but it says "Can't backannotate this operation".


How can I copy parts of my old circuitry, including the layout and traces, into my new derived PCB?

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in reply to: jeremiahrose

1) Save your design as a new document and link your pcb to this new document.
2) In 3D PCB environment, don't create a new 2D PCB but link to the one created in step 1)



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in reply to: yqliu

 That worked perfectly! Thanks!

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