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Copper pour from fusion sketch

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Copper pour from fusion sketch


I'm looking to create a microwave resonator out of copper on a pcb board. I've designed the resonator in fusion and have created a pcb board out of the design, but I can't figure out how to fill the regions of interest with copper. It seems like a pretty basic task, but when I convert the sketch to pcb, the copper regions become negative space, and then when I try to pour copper, it only pours on the edges of the design. 


I've included images below for the 2d and 3d pcb renderings. The negative space is where there should be copper pour. 









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Did you find a solution to this or get a reply from Autodesk?

I'm trying to create two isolated ground planes on the top layer and have not found a way yet.

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in reply to: aakashFVCCB

@aakashFVCCB , you are almost there.  You just need to change the curves to the proper copper layer, and then right click and select "Convert to Polygon".

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While on the subject of custom polygon ~ copper pours, how do I creat two seperate copper pours on the same layer?

I'm using an opto isolator and would like to have ground planes on each side, one connected to my net ISO_GND and the other connected to GND?

I can't find any thing on the forums.

Thnak you. 

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in reply to: DaveHolland-SET

@DaveHolland-SET , there is nothing special to create two separate copper pours on the same layer. Do you have a video or snapshot to show your problem? 

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