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Convert sketch to PWB

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Convert sketch to PWB

1)  I have a sketch in F360 that i want to use as a PWB in F360 Electronics.

(drop down)create / create PCB has two choices:

Associative and independent

what's the difference and why would I pick one over the other?


2) the design it will go to already has a schematic, layout and 3D model

the new layout is a little larger.

how do i move the layout to the new board footprint without having to re-do all the placement and routing?

and how do the dependencies (if that's the right word) get updated and maintained?

how do i tell F360E to associate the new board with the circuit and remove the old board?


3)F360E - when push to 3D pcb from layout, there are three choices:

3D PCB with canvasas    stop layer geometry  and  re-associate derived outline 

what do each of these do, and why would i prefer one over another?

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Hi, @wwfeldman 


How to Work With 3D PCB in Fusion 360 - Fusion 360 Blog (  

This article should be able to answer some of your questions, and let me do some supplements.


1) Usage of independent PCB can be found in paragraph 4 of the above-mentioned article. and usage of associated one can be found in

Differences between Associative and independent is: The sketch used to create associated 3D PCB would be linked to board outline in 2D PCB. Once you have updated and saved the origin sketch, the 2D PCB document could receive the update notification.


2)If you want to reuse a couple of schematic and board, Linking to existing sch/brd files from the new electronics design project could be a solution. 

If you have broken the link between 2D PCB and associated 2D PCB, there's no way to make the link relationship back. Such logic exists for modeling environment also, when you derive sketch/body... to another design. My suggestion is to check"reassociate derived outline" option when you view 3D PCB if you want to break the link temporarily. In this way, you will have got chance to adopt change from origin sketch again if there's any update operated.


3)See paragraph 3 of the above-mentioned article.


If there are any other questions, feel free to tell us.



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