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CONTENT MANAGER - I can't work with this anymore! AUTODESK need to re-think this idea!!!!

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CONTENT MANAGER - I can't work with this anymore! AUTODESK need to re-think this idea!!!!

The new CONTENT MANAGER is not needed.


Its too slow and cumbersome, its non intuitive, 


Instead Replace the "LIBRARY MANAGER" Window and "CONTENT MANAGER" Window with just one NATIVE, NON-MODAL Window thats is called "LIBRARY"


So you can OPEN the Library, SAVE it, EDIT stuff in it, Create new device, symbols, package, 3d models etc,

MANAGE individual libraries , choose parts to use in designs and it can remain open at all times if you wish.

Needs more drag and drop features, i.e drag a library file on the desktop to the library window.

need to be able to open multiple non modal windows when editing parts. so you can say view 2 footprints etc side by side .


When you say click on a part to edit it, a NEW WINDOW should appear!


As soon as you have modified anything ( and saved the changes) , those changes are available for use in the design WITHOUT ANY UPDATING TO THE CLOUD, (This is way too slow to update to the cloud every time you want to make such a minor changes!)


You should be able to RIGHT CLICK on components and edit/view them. including 3D Models! 

I have wasted too much time with library "management"



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in reply to: ImDaveM

Hi @ImDaveM 


Thanks a lot for your feedback. 


Library workflow is a current area of focus for us and we are prioritizing improvements in UI etc. for the coming year, so your comments are very valuable and well timed. 


There are a number of areas we have to consider and balance our resources against as you can imagine, but I will say you're not alone. In recent surveys we've heard from most customers that the library flow in Fusion ECAD is one area where a lot of questions arise.


If you'd could, I'd be glad to set aside a time to zoom with you so you can share more details around your experience. 


Thanks again,

Ben Jordan.


Ben Jordan

Senior Product Manager, Fusion 360 Electronics

LinkedIn | YouTube | Personal Blog | Fusion 360 Electronics Series
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in reply to: benjamin.jordan

Hi ben,


Thanks for this


How do you suggest to organise a online meeting?

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in reply to: ImDaveM

In our last release the performance of the content manager has been vastly improved, especially when saving.  Hopefully this helps.

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