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Content Manager does not show/focus on opened device.

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Content Manager does not show/focus on opened device.

If I click "Open Device" on a component in, for example, a schematic, the Content Manager is opened.
But it does not focus on the component you just clicked on.
Not only that, but the name of the component you chose, is not shown ANYWHERE in the Content Manager pane.
If you're old and senile like me, that is a major flaw.
For instance, if I right lick on a slide switch in my schematic, how the heck am I supposed to remember that the NAME of this is actually "OS202011MA0QN1" ??
Finding it again in the Content Manager is impossible.
So, I have to go back to my schematic, open "Properties" on the component to find the Device Name, then "Open Device" again, then manually enter the Device name as the search Filter.

Even worse, and this is a trap....
IF you have previously filtered out some other component in the Content Manager for a library and you then use the "Open Device", you will see the "old" device.
If you are not awake and again, know the NAME of it, you might think that was the device you intended, and start doing all kinds of wrong operations on it.


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