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Connecting grounds together

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Connecting grounds together

Hi Everyone. I am designing a pcb which handles power distribution and control.


It has some quite heavy tracks carrying up to 30A and some light ones doing control. Fuses (Fxx) mounted on the board as well. I have several ground circuits, one for each power track sized to match the supply. Ultimately I want to connect these all together, ie to ground. 


How do I do this without using the same net, which results in the same track size? 




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Hi @cchrissmm,


I hope you're doing well. There's a few ways to handle this, the easiest is to assign each of them to a different net. Then on the 2D PCB you can short them all at a single point by overlapping the polygons at that one point.


Another more formal way is to assign each of them to a different net and then in the library create a component that is essentially a jumper, that will satisfy the netlist on the schematic and still tie multiple differently named nets to each other.


I know these are workarounds but they are what we have at this point in time.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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Hi Jorge, thanks! Your hint about polygons actually led me to the solution. I just poured a polygon over the entire bottom plane. Seems obvious in hindsight but to a newbie like me it wasn't at the time.


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