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Connecting analog and digital grounds

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Connecting analog and digital grounds

I'm new to Fusion 360 and PCB layouts.  How do I connect analog and digital grounds on my PCB?  I use different ground symbols in the schematic, but when I connect them, it just gives me an error.  On the PCB, it will not allow me to manually connect GND to AGND.  What am I missing?

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Nets can connect in two ways;

  • When one netline ends on another they will be connected.
  • When two netlines share the same name they will be connected.


The power symbols use a pin that overwrite the name of the netline it is connected to. 


It sounds to me like you use two different power symbols that both try to change the name of the same line. You can't call the netline AGND and GND. It's probably best to change one of the symbols so it won't overwrite the name of the netline it is connected to. 

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