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Confused with net allocation thing.

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Confused with net allocation thing.

Hi all,


I am pretty much new to electronics design and trying to figure out how to use the net allocation or what is the advantages of using it.


I have a 2 schematics that shares some nets between.

On some nets there are some nets with /1.?? or 2/.??


I guess the first number indicates the sheet number where that net connects.

However I am lost with the "??" part.


I believe it is related with row and column thing but could not find anything that helps me to figure out what it is supposed to do.


On the right panel it shows the allocation with row and column values.

But mines are empty and trying to figure out what that supposed to do or if I should appoint any values somehow.


Help is greatly appreciated.






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Hi @alisureyyatorun 

I hope you are doing well!

You can find the Xref label format in the Preference dialog. Different settings mean:

%F : enables drawing a flag border around the label
%N: the name of the net
%S : the next sheet number
%C : the column on the next sheet
%R : the row on the next sheet

The column and row values only work if there is a frame on the next sheet on which the net appears. If %C or %R is used and there is no frame on that sheet, they will display a question mark ('?').

You can draw the frame (Command line: Frame) to have a try to see if it works for you.

Xref Label.PNGFrame.PNG


Panpan Fan


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Hi @alisureyyatorun ,


additionally to Panpan's info I'd like to add that you have to use drawing frames on each sheet which use locators for rows and columns. We have such frames in the frames.lbr from Please add for example one of these shown in my Place Components panel.


I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Richard Hammerl


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