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Components in 3D PCB showing up as red

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Components in 3D PCB showing up as red


Can anyone tell me what it means when components in my 3D PCB change to red in colour?

I'm not getting any messages to indicate that my 2D and 3D PCB's are out of sync, and I've not made any changes to the affected components, nor my library - they just seem to have randomly changed to a different colour??




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It does not mean anything this is a bug currently in Fusion 360 electronics. I have posted about this before but no moderator or developer has responded yet. It is good that you bring this up again. 

Here is my post.

This is becoming a huge problem when assembling mechanical fittings with PCB's. If your assembly is small you can repush the whole 3D pcb and try again sometimes it fixes that but may occur again.

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Thanks for that.  Had a look at your original post - certainly don't want to have to be breaking links, etc if I can avoid it.


I just tried the "View 3D PCB With Canvas" option in my 2D PCB file, which forced a recompute of the 3D PCB and my component colours went back to what they should be.  Might be worth a try (if it isn't something you already tried) if it happens in any of your designs in future.


I noticed someone else was posting about this issue (saw you had also commented) and looks like Richard Liu has taken in up with the Dev team.




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