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component update problem with file generated from circuit board

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component update problem with file generated from circuit board


Currently I design an electronic circuit with the tool integrated to fusion 360. From that design a I generate a 3D model of my electronic circuit.

Currently, I have to test the integration of the electronics into a casing designed for us by a designer (step files).

To do this, I've created a file containing the parts (casing top, casing bottom and my elecronics) and I added the mecanicals constraints between them. Until now there is no problems.

I found an issue in my design and i have to change the routing of my PCB, I generate again the 3D model and the assembly file notify me that the 3D model have to be updated.

The problem is here : when i update the 3D model generated from the PCB, everything (pcb sise, holes, routes and silk) are updated except the components place (they stay where they were previously). I attached a screenshot of the file updated (we can see that the components are not updated with their new coordonates


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