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Component positionning from Mechanical design

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Component positionning from Mechanical design

Hello All,

We are facing an issue with Fusion. In our process, It is our mechanical designer that do certain component positionning (especially sensors) which need to be precisely positionned to fit with the mechnical design. He is also doing the pcb outline according to the mechnical constraints.

We can successfully transfert the pcb from Solidworks to Fusion and from fusion to Eagle. But we are not able to draw anything on the pcb, we would like the component outline transfered from fusion to Eagle. We are able to import the sketch of the component outline into fusion but that is all.


So what are our option to indicate to the electronic designer the component position or to draw the component outline on Eagle from Fusion.


Thank you for help in advance.



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Hi rkouppedekermartin,

Thank you for participating on the forum. It appears you have successfully imported the board outline from Fusion to EAGLE. After placing the components on the board, in EAGLE, pushed the board back to Fusion 360. In Fusion 360 it is possible to move/fine tune components placement. This action can then be synced in back to EAGLE.

At this time we don't have method by which markings or indicators can be done in Fusion 360 that will appear in Autodesk EAGLE. I did notice on a previous a user Fusion 360 tutorial, he created small sketch profiles which were transfer as openings on the board in EAGLE. After the components were placed, he deleted this lines in EAGLE then synced the design to Fusion 360. 

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,


Edwin Robledo
Tech Marketing Manager

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