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Component changed results in error when generation/updating the 3D model

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Component changed results in error when generation/updating the 3D model



I am fairly new to the Fusion360 product in general but also to the electronics design part. 

Now I am facing a problem that I can not find a solution for browsing the forums. 

I have update a component design in my project with this library . I have used the library contained in the folder named "eagle" . 

Placing the part in schematic and then moving it in the actual 2D PCB board design goes perfectly but when I try to push the modifications to 3D I get the following errors : 
















Now this foot print / symbol has no 3D part attached to it if that helps and if I revert the design to an older version and I keep the new part outside the pcb there is no problem as long as the part is not on the pcb it shows outside of the floating. 

I have tried to download the same foot print from a different website ( ) but I got the same behaviour / error though that time I have also attached the 3D component to the design . 


Can please someone give me hint what I am doing wrong ? 

Generating the 3D body of my board is probably one of the most valuable features for me in fusion360 electronics so I am truly looking for a way to sort this out 🙂 .


Best Regards,


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