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Complex bare copper/other pours

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Complex bare copper/other pours

Trying to do what should be a simple thermo isolation of a heat source on the top of a pcb and transferring heat to bottom copper as heatsink. So on the top there is a  component that generates 12 watts into a heatsink. The heatsink is copper and it should be in contact with bare copper on the top. And the heatsink footprint needs to be thermally isolated from the other top components as much as possible. 


The then isolated heatsink copper pad on the top is connected to the bottom copper using an array of many vias.

The idea is to conduct as much heat as possible to the bottom copper. There is no routing on the bottom copper as it was reserved as the heatsink for the circuit.


I have tried using tRestrict/lines/polygons with tStop to get a bare copper area on the top with no luck.

Does anyone have a good tutorial on complex copper pours and/or thermo vias and copper thermo isolation ?


So conceptually would be a circle inside another larger circle. The inside circle is bare copper. It electrically connects to the ground plane on the outer circle using 4 small connections (clock face ref) at 12,3,6,9 o'clock for example.


Wanted to have .1 inch isolation from inside to outside.


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I will try to use tRestrict line shapes and then a line slice to make the opening to the outer copper.

To get bare copper I just use a tStop area right ?

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