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Circuit diagram/board document consistency error

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Circuit diagram/board document consistency error


I want to create one electronics design from two existing ones. To get the trace connections of the layouts, I copied the two existing layouts into the PCB document of the new electronics design. I did the same with the schematic documents.

This did mess up the assignment of the components (schematic to layout) a bit, but that could be solved using the design manager. Also, I get a yellow banner below the toolbar that says "Circuit diagram/board synchronization disabled: Run ERC to find differences and fix issues".

After running ERC, I am shown this error list:



I am aware of the errors displayed, as signals/connections that are not needed have been removed from the schematic, but are still displayed on the PCB.

I tried using "Synchronize..." to fix the problem, but this failed.

Is there any way to separate signals from components in the PCB document?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @jonas.boeckler ,


I hope you're doing well. At this point you have to go into the board and fix them manually. The synchronizer as it's set now can only go from schematic to board. Eventually it will be more flexible.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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Hi @jorge_garcia,

thanks for your reply.

How does it work to remove a signal from a component?

I want to remove the signal "VBUS" from pad 6 of the component U12.


Thanks in advance

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I found the solution.
To remove a connection in the map editor, select the connection and then press the backspace/delete button. If the signal is present only once, the signal on the component pad will disappear.
If you want to create a new connection to an undefined pad, you can use Place > Signal to create new airwires.

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