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Changing package - What does this warning mean?

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Changing package - What does this warning mean?

I went to change a resistor part and selected the 0603 package from the Resistors library and I'm getting this message. What does this mean? BTW, I'm using the Resistor library, rather than rcl, because those parts have a more generous footprint.



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Hi @infinitemach,


I hope you're doing well. Check your design it's possible you may have parts from different versions of the Resistor library and that's why it's complaining. Check the library manager and set the in design checkbox.  Ideally you want all of the components to come from that same version. If you see that you have multiple versions of the library then you'll need to do a replace operation to make sure all of the resistors are using the same version of the resistor library.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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Yes, I had references to duplicate libraries. Removing references to the one I did not need solved the problem.

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