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Changes to Improve Part Loading??

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Changes to Improve Part Loading??


A few weeks, or maybe a couple of months ago I posted where (I believe) a change to Fusion Electronics had been made so that any time a part was added, <Add Part>, it would take the best part of a minute for the part table to load. This greatly slowed generating a new design and  a definite astep backwards in term of productivity.

Even more dissapointingly it seemed that no-one of the Autodesk team wanted to acknowledge the fault.


Within the last week or perhaps fortnight I have noticed a marked improvement. If I <Add Part> it now takes

about 20 seconds for the part table to load, which is still slower than Fusion Electronics used to load the part table as of six months ago, it is still an improvement over what was as little as a fortnight ago.


Has there been an update or change that might describe this observation?




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