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Card edge - need to delete the tCream and bCream on the pads

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Card edge - need to delete the tCream and bCream on the pads

I created a card edge layout and I need to remove the paste layers on the pads but it will not let me delete them.  Please advise.


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Hi @superalpha 


the solder paste mask by default will be generated automatically for SMD pads. This is a property of the SMD pad. The size of the mask is determined by a general setting in the Design Rules of the board. 

If you need a SMD not having solder paste mask you have change the SMD properties in the footprint editor in the library. It's nothing you can do in the 2D PCB editor directly (not yet). 

Follow these steps in case you do not have the original library:

  • Create a new Electronics Library and save it 
  • in 2D PCB: With a right mouse-click onto the footprint in your layout the context menu opens.
  • It will show an entry "Copy Device to Library".  Click and the library opens showing the Device
  • Edit the Footprint
  • Change the SMD's properties. Switch off "Cream"
  • Draw you own cream mask in layer 31 tCream, if needed
  • Save library
  • Back in the 2D PCB replace the component with the modified one

CI made a short video that shows these steps: Click here to watch.


Hope this helps.



Richard Hammerl


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