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Can 3D model be used by multiple footprints?

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Can 3D model be used by multiple footprints?

I have two slightly different footprints for the same device (a USB-C connector). I created a 3D model for one of the footprints, and want it to be used by both.  The only options I see are "Create New 3D Model" (which I used for the first one) and "Attach Copy of Existing 3D Model".  If I select the latter, it prompts me to save the 3D model under another name (I didn't proceed).  Is there a way just to share the same model?

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Sadly, right now the answer is no.  You will need to create two packages.  You can xref your 3D model into both packages so that the geometry is shared, but this still results in 3 assets in your data panel.

This is something we are actively working on improving now.

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OK, so I made a new model, and dropped the existing model into it.  That's seems to have worked, creating a link to the original, and giving me two assets instead of three.


Or maybe not.  When I exited Fusion, it prompted me to save it again, and created a third asset.

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