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CAM processor not working

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CAM processor not working

Relatively new to Fusion's PCB tools, but watched the videos and they were great.  I'm trying to do a basic Gerber export (only 2-3 parts) but am not able to.  The following error comes up on my Windows 10 machine when generating, "ABORT: Could not generate temporary file for Gerber X2 output.  Disk full?"  After closing that, Fusion freezes and needs to be force closed.  It does create the CAMOutputs, Assembly, DrillFiles, and GerberFiles directories fine but they are all empty.


1) My disk is definitely not full

2) I've reinstalled Fusion, and also reset all default settings, hasn't helped

3) In the %TMP% directory, I can see new Eagle-<random> directories being created each time I open up the project again so it seems like it's accessing the disk fine

4) I've temporarily disabled all Windows malware/virus/tamper protection and still see that error

5) I've looked in the Windows Event Viewer for significant alerts and only Fusion freezing shows up

6) I've tried changing the location of the output files, same error

7) I've tried exporting as zip, same error

😎 I've tried exporting individual Gerber files, same error

9) I've tried simplifying the Gerber filename template pattern, no change

10) I've shortened the project/file names to rule out any bad characters


The error message isn't helpful to me.  Is there any way I can get more information about what it's trying to do (or failing to do) in the background to help debug this?  I ultimately was able to generate it on a totally different computer but would like to fix it on my main machine if possible.  Any help is appreciated, thanks!



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Hello @harvard.young ,


Sorry to hear that you're having trouble.

Are your Fusion is latest version 2.0.8335? I just double checked and I am able to generate the Gerber files successfully.

Do you only have the issue for the specified file or any file has the same issue?





Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics
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Yes, latest Fusion, latest Windows 10.  Looks like any file, quite frustrating.

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I have this same issue, renders Eagle unusable for me.

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in reply to: harvard.young

Sorry for the inconvenience of this issue.  The Fusion 360 Electronics Gerber output utility requires creation of temporary files.  I believe the folder location that it uses is likely to be determined by these environment variables: LOCALAPPDATA , TEMP, and/or TMP.  Please make certain that you have read/write access privileges to all directories in the path(s) of these variables.


In any case, I agree that this error should not cause a program abort failure (your freeze).  We intend to provide better handling of this condition in an upcoming version of Fusion 360 Electronics.

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in reply to: andy.ball

I did check those directories.  In fact, I do see new temp directories get created each time Eagle starts up and I try to generate the files.  The format of the directory is "Eagle-[0-9a-z]{8,8}" in regex so it seems like it's able to use the TMP dir fine.


UPDATE: Oddly enough, now I'm able to export gerber files individually, one at a time by clicking on the "Export File".  But when I click Process Job, I expect it to generate all the Gerber layers, but instead it says no disk space and hangs.


It's odd that I installed Windows 10 from scratch and still had issues.  If it's exec'ing some command line executable to generate the files, it would be great to see the command or log the output somehow.  It feels like something really minor.

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