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CAM processor generates incorrect gerber files. Preview is correct.

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CAM processor generates incorrect gerber files. Preview is correct.

Manufacturing Preview:




Gerber file generated:



This probably has to do with a footprint issue that is making DRC not allow anything to connect to the pad, but that is a different issue. The Gerber should still match the design and the preview even if the DRC doesn't like it.

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I may have moved this thread incorrectly, so I'll just carry on the discussion here, and move it back if needed.

Your title says "CAM". Your images, however, are not very clear as to what the exact issue is (don't shoot me, I'm not an electronics guy, just a CAM guy). Could you share your Fusion file here?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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As this file belong to a client, I do not have permission to share it publicly. Here is a minimal recreation though. It looks like it has to do with flat trace caps.
I did some more digging and this is what I found:
If I refill all the polygons it does show the lack of connection, which explains why the CAM processor does it that way. This lack of connection should not exist in the first place though. 
It looks like the polygon fill is avoiding a radius around the end of a trace even if the trace is flat-capped.

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Probably related to this now that I see it has to do with flat caps:

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Hi @jeffyromney,


It is most definitely related to the flat cap issue. The gerbers are the source of truth, the manufacturing preview is not infallible and in this case it misguides you.

The workaround for now would be to use a polygon to form the flat part of the connection, the part that touches the PAD. Then route into the polygon.

Thank you for the minimal example it really illustrates the issue.


I'll add this to ticket made from the other thread.


Best Regards, 

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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