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Buggy Mess

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Buggy Mess

I have recently started working with Fusion 360 Electronics and I can say it is a buggy mess:


1. It is unstable and constantly crashes

2. Parametrics break easily and even if all links between files are broken (purposely too) it is still impossible to delete files because internally they seem to be referenced still

3. There is a weird bug when placing components by entering a position. The moment the next click in the viewport is performed, the component jumps to that position, upon ctrl+z the component jumps back to the initial position (before entering the new coordinates) upon ctrl-y it jumps to the intended (manually entered) position and only then is the next pick possible

4. When the board outline (sketch) is parametrically altered in the 3D model, the board outline in the electronics layout is updated by using the push to 2D button, however this shifts the board origin. That makes it impossible to place components precisely, since the origin is the zero point of all operations. Since the shift is dependent upon the 3D model the origin shift in electronics (Eagle) is arbitrary and there is no way to use mark as the grid becomes unaligned to the board outlines. Which brings us back to problem 2 - it is impossible to remove the parametric files


You guys got a lot of work to do. If you need additional information don't hesitate to contact me.


Best regards,


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