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Bug with search (Add Part dialog)

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Bug with search (Add Part dialog)


There's few bugs/problems with search in Add Part dialog.


Eg. search cannot find vcc part from misc. lib.







Also, search bar/input has bug since EAGLE. If I delete search text, search will not clear list until enter is pressed or little X button(next to search bar) is clicked.






Did few tests after writing this post. Search seems buggy. Eg. if I search for component with "EEPROM" in description, it will find component. If I try with "EEPRO"(without M), it will not find.

Seems like Fusion does not search with full potential/as I expected/as every search searches.

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in reply to: silvio3105

Hi @silvio3105 ,


For now(this will be changing very shortly), the search in Fusion 360 Electronics/EAGLE is an exact match search so if what you type is off by a single character compared to what is in the library you will not get any results. The key to using the search functionality effectively is to make liberal use of wildcard characters * and ? to generalize the search.


For example instead of searching for VCC, try *VCC* as long as VCC shows up somewhere in the device name or description it will be returned as a valid result. That may be too general you can further specify by using a ? since that is a single character wild card so EEPRO? will return anything that starts with EEPRO and end with a single wild character.


Like I said this will be changing soon to be more "normal", but in it's current state it is fully functional you just have to use the wildcards.


Hope this helps.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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in reply to: jorge_garcia2

An associated major issue exist with the search function in Fusion Mechanical - and likely also in the electrical. Fusion search limits results to 15. We structure our parts numbers so a ST would list all brackets & structural components so we can reuse them in other projects, and so that we can see if parts are mill part, lathe parts, 3DP.... so we can reuse work, processes etc. 

Having fusion tell that we have found more than 15 milled parts and present 15 random parts that may or may not have relevance is unworkable.

Aside from this a part called ex. 01-ST0008-MI can be found searching 01 or -MI but not -ST

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