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Bring back ratsnest!!!!!

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Bring back ratsnest!!!!!

Ok....When I am laying out a circuit board, how I work out how to do this I look at the schematic and move the bits close to where they need to be from the schematic, and then move on from there!!! YAY!.

It would seem before the autoratsnest that happens now I <un>consciously worked out where things needed to end up because the nest of rats was actually my friend in disguise of a nest of rats.

From this I really think that the option to turn off autoratsnest would be great (although nice work Autodesk programmer for doing that thing to deratsnestthenestofrats.)

the split screen thing for looking both at once would be mega, so that a person can look at the map and map it in real life!




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Hi there - that's interesting! If you want to hide ratsnest during placement, you could turn off the unrouted layer (19). Does that achieve what you want? 

Senior Engineering Manager, Fusion Electronics
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No, I guess my point was the being able to move things around and not have it redraw where the automatically placed lines/rerouted things appear (with the exception of the thing you are moving) was pretty handy,,,, After you pull all the components onto the board space (hopefully in some sort of logical order), and the start routing, having the routing wires reroute sometimes means you forget where the things were that you were dealing with are pretty fast... You  are by moving things are already taking yourself away from the terrible map you haven't finished making yet, but if the guide to the map is moving then its harder to work out the path.... I will say it is better to establish shorter routes for signals quickly, but a flip flop button between both new pathfinder and old (where all the old lines stay the same) would help in that circumstance.....

In the past I would move a few bits around to untangle the nest'o'rats  manually and THEN ratsnest to find out how ratty or not I had made the nest.!!!!


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I think we need "Auto Ratsnest" switch button. To enable or disable automatic ratsnest function.

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