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Board inconsistency: unable to repair

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Board inconsistency: unable to repair



I have no idea how this happened (the design was ok just yesterday) but I now have inconsistencies between board and schematic:


Annotation 2020-02-19 143732.png


In the schematic, everything if fine but in the board, routes are somehow attached to the wrong nets. 


No problem, I will just redraw the nets and the board will then be updated. Unfortunately, that doesn't work. I also tried deleting the wrong routes and tried again but to no avail. The pins on the IC are not updated and appear to have no net assigned to them:


Annotation 2020-02-19 144045.png


How do I fix this? Nothing I do in the schematics seems to have any effect on the board. I've had these issues before and was always able to solve them by just redrawing the nets.

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Nevermind. The way to fix it is to get rid of all board inconstencies first, even if that means ruining things even further by introducing other problems. 


In my case I removed all connections and made a new net with the name S$2 and connected that to IC4 pin SDA. I then got a list of other errors but the board and schematic were now consistent again and I could then fix those.

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