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Black or red block instead of 3D PCB view of some pads, mounting holes, or mounting pads.

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Black or red block instead of 3D PCB view of some pads, mounting holes, or mounting pads.

I have this thing in Fusion 360 electronics. The I get black or red block on the 3d view instead of the component, or pad.
Could someone explain why does this happen?
Circular Pad 2dCircular Pad 2d Circular Pad 3dCircular Pad 3d

Mounting Hole 2dMounting Hole 2d Mounting Hole 3d topMounting Hole 3d top Mounting Hole 3d bottomMounting Hole 3d bottom

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in reply to: aron.boroczky

Hi, @aron.boroczky 


Thanks for sharing the problem with us. 

Fusion 360 does generate blocks that are on the top of pads automatically if your device has no associated 3D package. To get rid of them, the simplest way is to make them invisible from bowser. 

However, from the image attached, I see the black square is extra large. But I am not very sure if that's an issue.

Could you please invite me ( to your project to look closely? 




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Hi @yiqiu.han!

Thank you for the reply. I understand the blocks on components which have no 3d package.
But these blocks are on either pads, or holes, which I'm not sure how to create package for.

Also the holes are visible in 3d from the other side. So it might be the silkscreen which causes the blocks.


In any case I invited you to the project. 
Thank you

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in reply to: aron.boroczky

Hi, @aron.boroczky 


Really appreciate for sharing the data with me. I have looked at the devices at the bottom layer, one of them contains a large circle. The default box component generated in 3D PCB is based on the boundary of footprint, this is the reason that boxes look extra-large for your design.

截屏2021-08-24 下午4.20.02.png

In order to make mounting holes/pads behaves as expected in 3D PCB, My recommendation is to create a 3D package with footprint used here but save the empty design directly. In this way, the default box would not be generated. 

Meanwhile, mounting holes/pads is also a kind of usage for footprints. I could reflect this to development to see if we could add an area for users to define whether 3D package is needed in 3D PCB.




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Thank you.

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