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Bill of Materials?

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Bill of Materials?

I have been an Eagle Desktop user since 2010 and have not made the transition to Fusion 360 Electronics although I have experimented with it.


With desktop Eagle I have used BomEx with a local spreadsheet database and it has been fine but still not a great solution.  Eagle's Bill of Materials functionality is seriously lacking on these fronts:


1. Ability to integrate with a company parts Inventory Management system to sync company part numbers, attributes and stock levels - even a spreadsheet would be fine.  We currently use for our Inventory management (rather than sophisticated tools like Arena etc.) and it works fine for our current needs.  There is a 3rd party ODBC driver for airtable but we could also sync with a spreadsheet.

2. BOM integration with online data sources like Octopart (Altium owns it but still). i.e. for real-time part availability


I have taken a quick look at OpenBOM but it seems to integrate with the 3D model not the Libraries in Fusion 360 Electronics.  I know it integrates with the Eagle desktop version but since Eagle desktop is end-of-life I do not want to invest further.


Before I go through the effort of migrating to a much more sophisticated and costly tool I thought I would ask.


Is anyone aware of BOM solutions to the above requirements with Fusion 360 Electronics?


Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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Sadly it seems the lack of response says it all.  I guess I have not missed anything obvious.


For those of you working in small businesses with a need to keep track of company part number and available parts using Eagle, how do you do it with Fusion 360 Electronics?  Do you add the company part numbers as attributes to the library parts?

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in reply to: robert

OpenBOM is planning to support Fusion360 Electronics later this year. You can expect ~3 months. If you want to discuss details, please contact 

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in reply to: robert

Hi @robert,


There are no better solutions at this time but we do want to improve this area. I'll add your comments to the existing ticket for this issue.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

Kudos are much appreciated if the information I have shared is helpful to you and/or others.

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in reply to: robert

Hey @robert , 


Just to tag on - I'm over on the Product Management team! Thanks for being active on the forum and your interest in this topic. I agree, this area has room for improvement. I'd love to hear more about what you're thinking and ensure I include feedback like yours into any future plans - I'll send you a DM and maybe we can set some time up so I can understand more fully what you're after.

Melisa Kaner
Product Manager - Fusion Electronics. Please DM me for Fusion Electronics feedback!

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