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BGA via insertion problem

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BGA via insertion problem

Hello everyone 
I am routing a BGA chip and need to insert a via between pads, but the tool does not accept placing via at this point although i have set the DRC settings of via size and clearance and  I am working on ignore violations mode.

and i notices that if i moved away from this pad by certain distance, the tool accept to place the via but even if the green cross mark appears like the attached photo the tool does not accept via placing. 

thanks in advance 
issue #2.png

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Hi @ahmed.osama5FA3N 


the reason why you are not allowed to place a via in this area is in the Design Rules. Please check the values for "Clearance" and also check net classes. Maybe there is a value to big? 

What happens is you place the via outside the BGA and move it in place beneath the BGA (with ignore obstacle mode) and then run DRC in this area? What is the error reported?


Best regards,

Richard Hammerl

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Thanks so much Mr. Richard Hammerl for help 

the software accepts placing via 
between four pads but should be bit far from the original pad I am starting from.
I have checked the clearance and net class settings and all values are too small.

I should place track for a certain distance from origin pad to accept placing via. 


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Hi ahmed.osama5FA3N,

Thank you for posting in the Fusion 360 electronics forum.  Can you please try changing to a round shape vias.  Let us know if this helps.

Best Regards,



Edwin Robledo
Tech Marketing Manager

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