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Best way to name pin from terminal block inside a schematic (not from library)

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Best way to name pin from terminal block inside a schematic (not from library)

Hi Everybody,


What is the best way to add pin name/functions to terminal blocks or connector inside a schematic (not from library)?


I have symbol for 1 terminal point. I use this symbol for 2way and 3way terminal blocks and connector.

Depending on the use the pin can various functions, and therefor various names. For example a 3 way connector can have pin1 for Input, pin2 for GND, and pin3 for Output. So this text I would like to have in the schematic.


First I tried this with attributes (>TEXT), but it seems an attribute is set for a device and not per gate.

So now I have made it with simple a simple text, like this:



So the 3way connector device in the library looks like this:



But when I place the part the text is there, but it's locked. I cannot edit the text. I cannot even move or delete the text...



So this doesn't work either. 

The only thing I can think of is add the text in the schematic. But that way it's not part of the device (gate).


What I was hoping for is:

- add an attribute per gate, not per device

- or add editable and movable text to a symbol


Since this seems to be impossible, what is the best way to handle this? 


Best regards,

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