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Best Method to Create Wiring Loom Diagrams?

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Best Method to Create Wiring Loom Diagrams?



I see some old threads about this which are closed back in 2020, so thought best to set up a new post.


Is there any update to if Fusion 360 can support wiring diagrams?


I was thinking about a work around:


- Currently i have just made some 2d drawings in a drawing file - but its not great.


- The other option i thought was to create a 3d model assembly of multiple "cables" or "wires" within the 3d built cabinet i need to make the wiring loom for. Each wire would actually be a sheet metal component. I figured i could then flatten the drawing, and thus it would give me all the required lengths of the relevant "cables".


Any other work around which is more sensible and less time consuming than the above? (i.e don't use fusion 360 for wiring looms?) 😄


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