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Axial stock using negative value not showing toolpath

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Axial stock using negative value not showing toolpath

When I route circuit boards using Contour, I add .005 to the Radial stock to leave 

and .01 for a second pass, On that second pass I use a negative value of -.005

This gives me a deeper cut on the second pass as well as a wider cut so no copper

is left in between the two passes.


The toolpath is not showing for the negative Axial Contour. 

The results show on the simulated stock when you click on and highlight the operation.

Both Axial = 0Both Axial = 0Second pass Axial = -.005Second pass Axial = -.005Both Axial = 0Both Axial = 0Second Pass Axial = -.005Second Pass Axial = -.005

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Could be:
Cutter compensation - do you have it set on wear? Computer? Are the values anything other than 0?
You can end up with an un-solvable toolpath when a negative stock to leave is used with comp.

Carlos Acosta
Factory400 - YouTube|Instagram
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The tool path does get created and works fine, it's just the visual screen that it does not show up so not a big deal. As I showed those pictures just changing from 0 to a negative value is all that is being done.  

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