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Automatic CAM export in Fusion360

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Automatic CAM export in Fusion360


I'm presently preparing the migration from Eagle to Fusion360 for my business and I was wondering if there was any Eaglecon.exe equivalent in Fusion 360 electronics.


I was using it in many of my Eagle Ulps to generate cam data automatically.

As I'm converting my Ulps for fusion360 I'm facing issues exporting CAM data without any human intervention as I was doing in eagle.


I tough of using the "MANUFACTURING EXPORT" in the command line from the ULP but the lack of options regarding Camjob selection and output path makes it useless. I might be missing something, but I consulted all the official documentation without finding more details on how to use it.


Is there a way to export cam data from a ulp without any human intervention?

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Hi Karl,

Unfortunately the eaglecon.exe is indeed not available in Fusion360. The good news is that the EXPORT command does have support for specifying the output ZIP file name as well as the CAM Job to use, please see below:

set confirm yes;manufacturing export OutputDirectoryPath/ OutputDirectoryPath/;

The generated CAM outputs are zipped and stored at the specified location. You can also assign the board's active CAM Job from the CAM Processor command (dialog), there is a new button called  "Set Active CAM Job File". You need to select the CAM Job that you want to use then click this button, close the CAM Processor dialog and then save the board so this information is persisted in the board Xml file.

Then everytime you run the EXPORT command this CAM Job will be used instead of any of the defaults so you can run it like this (no need to specify the CAM Job again because the active one will be used):

set confirm yes;manufacturing export OutputDirectoryPath/


Please let me know if there is anythign else I can help you with.


Kind Regards,


Constantin Popescu
Principal Software Engineer
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in reply to: KarlTribor

Hi Constantin,

Thanks for the quick reply I tested it on my side and it works.

Is there any more documentation on what parameters each function takes? I think that this page is not complete: 

Fusion 360 Help electronics

Also, the HELP command does not seem to work...

For example, "HELP MANUFACTURING;" do nothing.

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Hi Karl,

I don't think there is other documentation. Regarding the help for the MANUFACTURING command this is indeed incomplete it only shows the Eagle options and not the ones we added since. I will point these shortcommings to my technical writer colleagues and hopefully it'll be updated soon.


Kind Regards,


Constantin Popescu
Principal Software Engineer

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