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Auto scroll after saving 3D package

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Auto scroll after saving 3D package


Fusion scrolls automatically after saving 3D package.

Not a big deal but it annoys me when software does something for me when I don't want that.


Here's video ->

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in reply to: silvio3105

Same thing when creating 3D package from footprint.

After saving 3D package(click on green check icon), Fusion closes 3D package, and changes selected tab from footprints to 3D packages.


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in reply to: silvio3105

Hi, @silvio3105 


I can reproduce the problems you mentioned. 

For the tab switching issue, I think this is as designed since a new package is generated so the tab switched automatically.

For the scrolling issue, I have a workaround. Drag out the library tab to the second window could bypass this issue. The problem is a bit inconvenient for large libraries. I will forward this issue to the development team.




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in reply to: yiqiu.han

You can also forward the request to the team that when you open a device (by, for instance using "Edit Device" in the schematic or board editor, the library should open with the device in question SELECTED!
Every day, I open a a device for editing or adding a footprint, then have to scroll through 900+ components to find the right one, if I can't remember the name. Which is not alway obvious.
Many times, I have to go back to the schematic and use "Properties" to find the actual device name.
VERY VERY annoying. Like the rest of Fusion.

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I hope that workaround will not become normal work for that problem.
So, it will stay as is now - swtching automatically to 3D package tab even user does not have anything to do in that tab like it has to do in footprint tab(duplicate and modifying footprint ie. continuing working on footprints).

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