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August 2022 Price Increase

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August 2022 Price Increase

I received an email from Autodesk announcing an August 2022 price increase for Fusion 360. I certainly understand that prices for everything, from ice cream to CAD tools, may increase over time, but I am incredulous about paying more for Fusion 360. Like so many others, the product continues to be riddled with bugs. The time it takes me to do anything can get ridiculously protracted.


One example ... the ESC key is no longer being process properly and I cannot cancel commands such as routing a trace. So I start the trace, hit ESC a million times, then when it doesn't work I click somewhere to stop the tracing, then I do an "undo" and start again. Aargh! (Yes, I know this is fixed in the upcoming July release but how the heck did this bug get into any release!!!)


Switching from Fusion 360 to another ECAD tool is not an attractive option. My company has a lot vested in creating our libraries, and at its core, we really like using one tool for ECAD and MCAD. So Autodesk has the right idea with Fusion 360. However, the company's priorities are ill conceived. Stop pursuing more features, and instead give users a stable, quality, build. Push harder on your earlier-adopter program and figure out why such a program is not finding more issues before you release a new version. And DON'T charge your users even more money for being your extended QA team!!!!


There is a Marx Brothers routine that comes to mind. Groucho is at a party, and Harpo and Chico are musicians.  Groucho is skeptical about whether Harpo and Chico can actually play. Groucho asks Chico how much they charge, and Chico says $5.00. Groucho asks how much it costs if they practice first and Chico says $10.00. Then Groucho asks how much it costs if they don't play at all and Chico says, Ah, you couldn't afford that!


Autodesk, I am happy to pay your new fees for Fusion 360, but you must give something back in return, which is a commitment to stop wasting my time, my teams' time, and the time of the rest of the Fusion 360 community, debugging your software. 




Robert Seliger

Founder and CEO, Arctevity


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Hi @robert_seliger,


I hope you're doing well. Thanks for bringing this up, I'm passing this thread up the chain.


Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

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in reply to: robert_seliger

Hey @robert_seliger , thank you for reaching out, and we absolutely understand where you are coming from. In the upcoming product update, we've actually fixed the ESC key issues you've been experiencing, as well as whole slew of other experience, stability, and performance enhancements to the Electronics Design environments. All of these fixes are currently available to try on our Insider Build, as part of our Insider Program. If you're not a member of our Insider Program, I'd encourage you to apply and become one. As a member, you'll be able to get access to the Insider Build. This exclusive build receives the next product updates 3 weeks before everyone else, and gives you early access to new features, improvements, and fixes. It's a great way for you to test new features before it is released to the general public. Check out what's new for Electronics and the fixes we implemented:

Keqing Song
Autodesk Fusion Community Manager
Portland, Oregon, USA

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in reply to: keqingsong

Keqing ... yes, I am aware of the Insider Program. However, I am way too busy developing my own products. I do not have time to assist Autodesk in developing its products. That's why I pay fee to use Fusion 360, because I expect to get a tool that works reliably.


And, while I appreciate that the Insider Program exists for those who have the time and inclination to participate, it is clear that the Program - as currently structured - is not serving as a sufficient vehicle for finding debilitating defects, such as the ESC key issue. 


My proposition is a simple one: Autodesk please produce a product that works, and I will gladly pay money for it. I don't want to be an adjunct to Autodesk's development team or QA team. I just want to be a customer who benefits from the use of what could be a great product to create my own great products.


- Rob

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Yesterday Fusion crashed on two separate occasions. I lost work as did one of my colleagues.


Despite saving our respective design files just moments before the crash, Fusion managed to corrupt both of our designs. We each spent hours reconciling the issues so that the schematic matched the layout as well as redoing work that was lost.


I repeat my proposition to Autodesk: Produce a tool that works and I will gladly pay for it. 


In the mean time does Autodesk really think a price increase is the right thing to do? How about a price decrease?


- Rob

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in reply to: robert_seliger

I couldn't agree more with this sentiment and i had much the same reaction.


The rationale given for the increase is tenuous. Essentially the argument was that the price increase is justified by the ever increasing feature-set. This is a flawed rationale for two reasons:


1. Not everyone needs every feature. For example, the simulation features are worthless to me. I don't want to pay for it just because AD chose to bundle it.

2. Many of the features are locked behind an addional paywall anyway.

So what are these new additional features (simulation doesn't count as new)? I can only identify Fusion Electronics, and that's not ready for serious use. Sorry AD, but despite all your attempts to pretend otherwise, Electronics isn't yet ready.


Fusion attempts to be all things to all men, but not all men need all things. It's a flawed pretext.


My subscription ends next year. I won't be renewing. I'm fed up with the synical way AD exploits it's customers. I also don't want to pay for the privilege of beta testing commercial software.


Let us choose which modules to pay for, and I'll be back.


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I can absolutely join in.


A price increase at this point, is really shoveling sh*t in our faces.
Considering the countless hours I've spent reporting bugs, testing how to re-create them, writing support cases and forum posts - I should be PAID for using Fusion.

I completely understand @robert_seliger. Spending time on being Autodesk's beta tester isn't really what I was imagining when starting to use Fusion Electronics.

Especially not after all the sunshine the sales team blew up our behinds. Sadly, it only gave us gasses.

Despite what @keqingsong and probably @matt.berggren  think, the latest release is still riddled with bugs, some not some serious, some really party crashers.

I am appalled at the way Autodesk handles its customers.

I do get great support from the support team, I know they're doing their best.
It's just sad that it's needed at all.

Fusion is currently, and I'm afraid it will be for a long time, a horrible piece of software.
Oh, let me correct that....
FUSION is a great piece of software....  FUSION ELECTRONICS is a disaster.

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in reply to: keqingsong

One thing about Insider program - what end user gets with joining to Insiders? Last time I asked that question, anwser was - nothing.
So, I as end user have to pay(to use full software, without limits) and then assist AD with joining to Insider program without any rewards. Microsoft gave me free licence for being in Windows Insiders.

I use Fusion(3D, 2D, render, electronics) as hobbist for my own DIY projects and for that I need Fusion without limits(most of things I can do with hobby licence). Soon my licence(edu) will expire so I wanted to help AD with Insider but since AD will not reward Insiders with free licence I see no purpose joining to Insiders.

Someone who pays for Fusion probably uses Fusion to generate money and that type of person(as author of this topic) does not have time to test Fusion (for free).

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in reply to: silvio3105

@silvio3105 thanks for chiming in. I'm not sure where you asked the question of what do Insiders get for joining, so I'll try to answer it to the best of my abilities. We created the Insider Program for those who are interested in getting the next set of new features, improvements, and fixes 3 weeks before it goes out to the general public. By becoming a member, you gain access to an Insider Build, and it's with this build that you get all the new things going out in the next product update, before everyone else. You also get to see our deployment dates, when certain releases are planned to go out, and content around what's new in each update. Our program actually has almost double the commercial users then users on the personal/non-commercial use licenses. It sounds like you are interested in helping, but you say that your edu license is expiring and that you need to use Fusion 360 without limits. I'd love to learn more about what your situation is - are you still in school? out of school? Feel free to send me a Private Message, maybe we can help you out. 

Keqing Song
Autodesk Fusion Community Manager
Portland, Oregon, USA

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in reply to: robert_seliger

Also, thanks for everyone else's feedback here. I'm only raising the Insider Program as a place where you can try the latest improvements if you really want to. If you don't think it's a right thing for you, no worries, you don't have to join. We're striving to fix all the issues that plague the Electronics experience with every release, and the July one should see some welcomed improvements. 

Keqing Song
Autodesk Fusion Community Manager
Portland, Oregon, USA

Become an Autodesk Fusion Insider

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Maybe I am wrong but for this price I don't want a cloud base system where my design are not protected by my hard drive. I have always been concerned about digital cloud security and buying fusion based on this principal. I should have an option to use fusion 100% offline if I am paying 700+ for software, the discount before made it worth it for my 3d printing but I am very reluctant on switching the company over to fusion even tho I really enjoy it

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Last price increases, and last changes killed fusion for me.

I worked with Fusion for many years, Fusion has great start. That was quite qood program, with very good CAM for great price.

What was frustrating for me:

- very slow GUI.

- simulation changes, killed local study. 

- many price increases. I'm not sure what will be price for the next year.

- 100% cloud based. Biggest disadvantage.

I had many times problems with new versions. In really work I need stable tools. I can't upgrade program in the middle of project. If I have traditional software, I know all bugs. I'm preparing to upgrade and I always have option to rollback.

Next problem of cloud is security. When I'm working for some companies, I can't send project to cloud.

Last, Autodesk can always ban my account for "some reasons".


I made summary for next year, Fusion 545USD, machining extension 1600, simulations 1600, minimum 300 for simulations. Summary: 4000USD.

And each time, before you run study think twice about price. 
I today made a wire for other software. It's better, stable, full local instalation, perpetual license.


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