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Attribute of part not found in board

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Attribute of part not found in board

I am plagued with numerous consistency errors of the type: inconsistent 3d packages in schematic and board. I was able to eliminate this error by deleting the part in both the schematic and board and then adding the part back to both. However I am now getting errors that the attributes defined in the library part are not carried through to the board. In the schematic the “part” properties list the attributes. But in the board the “device” properties don’t include the attributes. I could manually add each attribute but that doesn’t seem reasonable. Shouldn’t the attributes carry over to the device on the board?

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@erussellK6Q8Z , can you share some screenshots of the problem?

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I fixed the problem by creating a new board linked to the existing schematic. I still don't know what caused the issue in the first place. It would be nice to know so as to avoid having the problem in the future. 

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Yes, the attributes should be carried over to the board. Maybe there was an unknown bug.

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