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Assign 3d Model To Library Components

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Assign 3d Model To Library Components


I have a PCB project where more than 60 unique components are being used.

I downloaded libraries for each of them either from Samacsys or Ultralibrarian.

It contains component symbol+ footprint as lib file and 3d model as step file.

I could import the lib files and hence could add component symbol to my schematic and can see footprint in the board.

My problem is I am not able to understand whats the procedure to assign 3d model to respective component library imported above. One way is to open every library file and assign 3d model but this is very slow and primitive method compared to even open source tool like KiCAD where you can simply copy all the 3d models to specific folder and you are done.

Is there any such feature within Fusion360 too?


Kind regards

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